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Bliss Full Yoga Retreat: Friday, June 15, 2018 $30 6:30-8:00pm SOLD OUT THANK YOU Escape your current day to day life and get pampered with a 90 minute Restorative Yoga session. While your in the blissful state of your relaxing poses, you will also be pampered with Reiki and a Massage. Refreshments offered before and after: tea and chocolate complimentary. The invaluable experience for this mini retreat is $30 per person

Bliss Full Yoga Retreat


June/July 2018 Specials: $20 OFF Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy - Regular $65; Now receive either treatment anytime in the month of June/July at $45 per hour. (Available for full hour appointments only, by appointment only, offer expires July 31, 2018)

WELCOME! Health Full Elements is proud to announce new services in partner with Good Vibrations Energy Studio!!! Janet Callahan is a Reiki master, tuning fork practitioner, and holds certificates in flower essences, crystal healing, and more. She's the owner of Good Vibrations Energy Studio, and is a published author who writes a regular column for Sage Woman. She was first introduced to Reiki nearly 20 years ago, and had her first attunement in 2007. She has two special needs children, and knows that energy work has helped them thrive, and feels that all families should have opportunities to seek out options that work for them. Our stressful and over-booked world often leaves our bodies, minds, and spirits disconnected, and taking time to reconnect with ourselves and our energy can help us live better lives. Please consider scheduling your wellness appointment today: Good Vibrations Energy Studio (248) 677-1759

Nutritional Consultations: by appointment, direct contact (586) 899-8299 can address any of your health needs from a biological, holistic approach. Amanda is a multi-certified, licensed Natural Health Educator in the areas of iridology, homeopathics, herbology, craniosacral, reiki, naturopathic nutrition, Bach flower remedies, essential oils.

One Hour Assessment: $60

1/2 Hour Assessment $35


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